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She was immediately seized by Pluto, god of the Underworld, who had been lusting after her for quite some time, wanting her to become his bride and queen. As soon as he descended below with his prize, the earth resumed its previous state, leaving no sign that anything unusual had occurred.

PALLAS – Goddess of Wisdom

It didn't take long for Ceres to realize her daughter was missing. For many days she refused to eat, sleep or bathe, but instead wandered about with flaming torches, trying to find her daughter. She eventually encountered the crone goddess, Hecate, who told her to discuss the matter with the Sun god, Helios, who saw everything.

Helios told her of the abduction, which had been executed with the approval of Zeus, with whom Pluto had conspired to take Persephone as his bride. Ceres was not only devastated but enraged at the betrayal and, disguised as a mere human, wandered the earth for a while to avoid associating with any of the gods of Mt.

She acted as a nanny for the son of King Celeus until she eventually revealed her identity and ordered a temple and altar be built for her. Ceres retired to her temple, where her mourning for Persephone continued. As her grief turned to anger, she cursed the earth such that nothing would grow, neither crop nor fruit of any kind, imposing famine and starvation on mankind.

The people prayed to Zeus for relief, who realized that if the humans all died there would be no one left to worship the gods. The gods attempted to reason with Ceres, but she refused to listen or show any mercy unless her daughter was returned to her. Eventually, Zeus relented and sent Hermes to the Underworld to demand Persephone's release. Persephone had likewise been in mourning and fasting, refusing all food and drink. Pluto agreed to let her return, but deviously offered Persephone several pomegranate seeds to quench her great thirst prior to her departure.

Not knowing that the pomegranate was the symbol of sexual consummation, Persephone partook, which confirmed her marriage to Pluto. This is a good reason why young women should pay better attention in school, because sometimes it's what you don't know that bites the hardest.

When Persephone returned to the surface, she and her mother had a joyful reunion. However, when Ceres found out that her daughter had consumed the pomegranate seeds, she realized she'd been tricked, since Persephone was still married to Pluto. She reinstated her curse of the earth and the gods were basically back where they started. Eventually, Zeus proposed a compromise, that for each pomegranate seed she'd eaten that Persephone would spend a month in the Underworld as Pluto's bride.

The remaining months could be spent on earth with her mother. Thus, each spring Persephone emerges from the Underworld to rejoin her mother. At this time, the earth once more comes alive with vegetation and the harvest is allowed.

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In the fall, however, when Persephone must return to the Underworld, Ceres once again commands the earth to be barren, until Persephone's return the following spring. Ceres, like so many goddesses, was one vindictive woman and it wasn't a good idea to mess with her. For example, if Ceres is in Aries, being allowed and encouraged to be independent will be important as well as being commended for their drive and energy.

In Taurus, being comfortable and provided for in a material manner will prevail. Gemini would imply the need for mental stimulation; Cancer, the need for a significant amount of attention and nurturing; Leo, to be the center of attention; Virgo, for perfection and being of service; Libra, strong relationships and fairness; Scorpio, sexual expression; Sagittarius, a strong belief system and worldly knowledge; Capricorn, ambition and status; Aquarius, friends and being part of a group; Pisces, transcendence and fantasy. It also can indicate the manner in which a person will nurture others in adulthood.

Someone with strong nurturing tendencies may want to enter the nursing profession and explore educational options like nurse practitioner programs online or even pursue a doctorate of nursing practice degree.

Ceres & Narcissism

The lack of nurturing or encouragement in these areas from one's mother will drive them to seek such elsewhere and if it's blatantly missing or contradicted, it can cause significant emotional trauma and potential identity crises as the person will know there is something missing in their life, but probably won't be able to identify exactly what. The basic tenets of self-esteem are related to early nurturing which, if absent, has repercussions that can take a lifetime to overcome, if ever.

Remember that Ceres cuts both ways, as a parent and a child. We also tend to replicate that with which we grew up; patterns established in our childhood tend to reappear with our own offspring in one way or another.

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Parents also can project their own aspirations or fears onto their children, causing various frustrations for all concerned. Thus, Ceres tells much about a person's experience and relationship with their mother, particularly if the charts are compared of both mother and child. I have yet to see a client who is having "mother issues" who doesn't have something going on involving Ceres in their natal chart transits. Nearly everyone has "mother issues" of some description from their past, and these transits stimulate situations that force us to confront and resolve them.

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As the goddess of agriculture, Ceres can also indicate a "green thumb," love of gardening, or strong interest in food and its preparation. Likewise, if negatively aspected it can be indicative of eating disorders, particularly if food was used during childhood as a punishment by its withdrawal or as a reward. Thus, Ceres can lend astrological clues to a plethora of weight and body-image disorders. On a more positive side, a person's interest in food, from its growth to preparation, can be found in Ceres placement.

The Asteroid Signs

Ceres, Chiron, Pallas, and Juno are all known as dwarf planets or asteroids, and in fact, some astrologers even say they could never explicate. Cafe Astrology explores the meaning of the asteroid or dwarf planet Ceres in astrology and the natal chart.

For example, someone with Ceres in Sagittarius may be inclined to nurture those from other cultures or may have a propensity for preparing international cuisine. Ceres also relates to separations and the subsequent sense of loss.

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It defines grieving style and how a person will deal with their pain. Pop Culture. The largest body in the asteroid belt, Ceres has amassed a number of references in science fiction stories of the 20th and 21st centuries. In the video game Destiny , Ceres was colonized by an alien race called the Fallen at the end of humanity's Golden Age. Ceres was later destroyed by a civilization of post-humans who inhabit the Asteroid Belt.

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Introduction Dwarf planet Ceres is the largest object in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and the only dwarf planet located in the inner solar system. Ceres completes one rotation around its axis every 9 hours. Dawn reached it in to study its surface, composition and history.

Occator and Ahuna. People's Voice voting is underway. NASA's Dawn spacecraft has gone silent, ending a historic mission that studied time capsules from the solar system's earliest chapter. Here are some great shots from its extended mission in the main asteroid belt. The path through the solar system is a rocky road. Asteroids, comets, Kuiper Belt Objects—all kinds of small bodies of rock, metal and ice are in constant motion as they orbit the Sun.

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The harmonious aspects sextile and trine generally do not cause problems here. By Tarot. It is also good for a salesperson or someone who writes advertising copy for the same reason. This effect is lessened if Ceres is located more towards the end of the house, or in a different sign from the Ascendant. Pop Culture.

Why do these miniature worlds fascinate space explorers so much? When you see these prominent features of Ceres, you might recognize some of their Earthly cousins. Side by Side: Earth vs. Dwarf Planet Ceres. Dawn is a mission of firsts: first science-dedicated mission to use ion propulsion, first to orbit two extraterrestrial bodies and first to visit a dwarf planet. NASA's Dawn spacecraft is maneuvering to its lowest-ever orbit for a close-up examination of the inner solar system's only dwarf planet.

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Observations of Ceres have detected recent variations in its surface, revealing that the only dwarf planet in the inner solar system is a dynamic body that continues to evolve and change. Scientists have a better sense of how Ceres' reflective areas formed and changed over time -- processes indicative of an active, evolving world. Even the most ambitious plans start with a drawing. Visualizing a distant destination or an ambitious dream is the first step to getting there. Ten things to know about the Dawn mission to the asteroid belt, on the 10th anniversary of its launch.